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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

On-Site Services

  • Elites Care will provide services to eligible individuals on site during its hours of operation. 

  • The on-site services may be provided one to one or in a group setting.

Off-Site Services

  • Elites Care will also provide off-site services, helping the individuals integrate in their community and in a setting more familiar and or private to them.

  • Services can be provided at the individual's discretion. 

Hours of Operation

Elites Care's On-Site services could be provided;

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm

*Extended hours may be provided on a case by case situation. 

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program Referral Process


  • Maryland Medicaid and/or proof of application

  • Ages 6 and up

  • A psychiatric diagnosis that meets the priority population definition as determined by the Mental Health Authority

  • Intake assessment with Elites Care staff (this might take up to 3 hours)

  • Ability to be a willing and active participant in the PRP program, attending at least one day each week. 

Intake for PRP

​To schedule an intake for PRP services, contact our closest site to where you live

  • Hyattsville Region (240) 825-3153

What to bring to the intake meeting:

  • Social security card, Identification card and/or Birth certificate

  • Maryland Medicaid insurance card

  • Name, address and phone number of current or former Therapist, Psychiatrist and Primary Care Doctor

  • Current medications/ medication list and dosage

  • Hospitalization records, medical records and related records

What to Expect:

  • Admission Assessment

  • Clinical forms/paperwork

  • Treatment planning

  • Children and adolescents: A minimum of 3 visits per month with rehab coordinator

  • Adults: A minimum of 6 visits per month with rehab coordinator

**A minimum of 1 onsite visit per month

Office and community based services could be performed as; individual, family and group formats. 

Priority Population Definition**

  • Inability to maintain consistent employment because of psychiatric symptoms

  • Social behavior that results in interventions by the mental health system

  • Inability, due to cognitive disorganization, to function in the community

  • Severe inability to establish or maintain a personal support system

  • Need for assistance with basic living skills

We are accepting referrals.

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