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Home Support Service Division

Elites Care is a licensed home support agency in the District of Columbia. The Home Support Service Division of Elites Care provides in-home services for eligible beneficiaries in the District of Columbia. We currently, provide three services which are: 1) Home Support Services; 2) Homemaker Services; 3) Chore Services

Services will be provided for Medicaid and Private Pay clients in the District of Columbia, based on their assessed needs and plan of care. All Elites Care's staff are highly competent, experienced, trained and licensed professionals. Elites Care is always devoted to the provision of quality of care to all its clients. 

Home Support Services

Elites Care's Home Support Service provides licensed Home Health Aides to help you or your loved ones maintain health and independence at home. The services range from assistance with ADLs, assisting with medical appointments to acting as a companion so yourself or your love one always has someone attending to their needs. All our employees are professionals with years of experience in the field. We also ensure that we provide each person we support with a perfect match to their needs. 

Homemaker Services

Through its homemaker service program, Elites Care provides eligible beneficiaries in the District of Columbia with the best trained licensed home health aides, providing assistance with daily light house cleaning duties. Our elite team of aides are dedicated to providing these services to the satisfaction of the beneficiary, and in accordance with the service provision required by D.C. Long Term Care Administration. 

Chore Services

Consider your spring cleaning done for you. Elites Care's chore service program is provided to eligible beneficiaries in the District of Columbia. Chore services is a thorough cleaning service, provided by qualified and trained licensed home health aides, to de-clutter the beneficiaries homes, and do some deep cleaning of the home as needed. 

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