Diversity & Inclusion

About Us

Elites Care is dedicated to treating everyone with the same respect regardless of their race, ethnicity, social background, religious choices and or sexual orientation. Our company amplifies our capacity for elites care provision by ensuring that all patients are welcome, all staff are respected and equity is paramount. 


Elites Care is dedicated to provide resources to help our staff connect with our diverse consumers, collaborate with coworkers and ensure that our main focus remains the provision of quality services in order to build a healthy community. 


Our Diverse Community

Elites Care endeavors to offer tools for the celebration of culture and heritage and opportunities to engage with our diverse communities. 


D.C. Office

1420 N St. N.W. Ste 102

Washington, DC 20005

Phone: 202-869-6291

Fax: 202-869-6394

Email: elitescarellc@gmail.com

Maryland Office

6495 New Hampshire Ave Ste A303

Hyattsville, MD 20783

Phone: 240-825-3153

Fax: 240-825-3154

Email: elitescarellc@gmail.com


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Virginia Office

6911 Richmond Hwy Ste 302

Alexandria, VA 22306

Phone: 703-660-9101

Fax: 703-660-9764

Email: elitescarellc@gmail.com

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